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Keenline's Conveyor System After Acceptance TestsA nationally known pizza producer was installing a new automated pizza production/assembly line and needed to transport raw blocks of cheese to a cheese shredder and then from the cheese shredder to the automated cheese dispenser. Pepperoni sticks and raw sausage had to be transported to a slicer and then to a pepperoni dispenser, and assorted raw fresh vegetables need to be transported to the vegetable dispensers.

The conveyors were manufactured using 10 gauge stainless steel all welded, open top, sanitary design and incorporated “Intralox” thermo-drive flat top, blue polyurethane belting.

Stainless Steel Conveyor SystemConveyors were supplied with stainless steel square and round tube support structures, support and bearing stand offs, polymer-housed bearings with covers, quick release belt take ups, manual belt lifts for easy cleaning under belts, wash-down motors and reducers, stainless steel guide rails, stainless steel removable catch pans, stainless steel in-feed hoppers, stainless steel discharge chutes and removable UHMW wear-strips.  Also included were motor, disconnect and E-Stops.

The system supplied, as shown in the photos, met the customer’s specification and performed to the system specification in Keenline’s plant.

The photos included in this newsletter show the system at Keenline after the Acceptance Tests.

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