Keenline Conveyor SystemsA nationally known Snack Food Processor needed to transport raw peanuts and almonds from an existing product storage/feed hopper onto an inclined conveyor that fed the product into an existing oil/seasoning coating drum.

The product was then transferred from the coating drum onto the first level conveyor which transported the product onto the second incline conveyor.  The second inclined conveyor then transported the product up and into an existing dry roaster system.

The conveyors were wash-down stainless steel slider bed design using blue food grade belts which included corrugated sidewalls on all the conveyors and cleats on the inclined conveyors.

Keenline Conveyor SystemsThe conveyors were supplied with stainless steel square tube  supports, polymer-housed bearings with covers, hinged stainless steel dust covers, wash-down motors and reducers, quick release take-ups, special hinged transition curve belt hold downs and special removable stainless steel support brackets to allow for quick belt removal for conveyor cleaning.

The system supplied, as shown in the photos, met the entire customer’ specification requirements and performed beyond the system specifications in the plant. The photos included in this release show the system at Keenline facilities after the Acceptance Tests.

Keenline providing creative conveying solutions to the food processing market. Keenline is a leader in Super Sanitary conveyor systems for the food industry.