Keenline 2-16-15A national known vegetable processor installed a new Cartoner line for full number 10 cans of vegetables and wanted to feed the cans to the Cartoner in an even fashion. The cans would be unloaded in mass from an existing de-palletizer into a new multilane low pressure, single filing conveyor system.

After the cans were single filed, they would then be transported through a speed up section of conveyor so they would be properly spaced to go through an inspection and x-ray station.

From the inspection and x-ray station, they would then be transferred through an existing roll through labeler and back onto the final section of single file conveyor where they would travel down line to the new Cartoner.

System Description

The conveyors were painted carbon steel, bolted construction, open top design using assorted sizes of “Intralox” series 900 flush grid white acetal modular belt with abrasion resistant rods.

Keenline 2-16-15The conveyors included 2″ carbon steel square tube supports, carbon steel painted 2-bolt flange relubeable bearings, “SEW-Eurodrive” gearmotor (totally enclosed inverter ready motor with right angle solid shaft output reducer), motor disconnects, double bar aluminum guide rails with umhw-pe cover, fixed 1 ½” stainless steel angle iron guide rail brackets and stainless steel end caps.

The system supplied, as shown in the photos, met the customer’s specification and performed to that system specification in Keenline’s plant. The photos included in this newsletter show the system at Keenline after the Acceptance Tests.

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