Creative Solutions to Complex Problems

Keenline Conveyor SystemA nationally known cookie producer was installing a new tray filling and wrapping line and needed a stainless steel product handling conveyor system to transport assorted size empty cookie trays from a de-nester to an automated tray filler and then transport full trays from the tray filler to the automated tray wrapping machine.

The system required a dual lane zone accumulation system to accumulate the product automatically when the wrapper was in a changeover or shut down mode.

Keenline supplied a complete control package to operate the complete system and to accumulate and slug release product systematically for proper operation of the wrapper.

The conveyors were stainless steel bolted construction with an open top design using white “Intralox” series 1100 flush grid plastic modular belts and “Rexnord” LF882TAB-K71/2 and LF831-K71/2 tabletop chains.

Keenline's Conveyor System After Acceptance TestsConveyors included stainless steel angle iron supports, polymer-housed bearings with bearing end caps, wash-down motors, wash-down reducers, motor disconnects, fixed and adjustable guide rails, UHMW wear-strips, air operated rotary product stop gates with Lexan safety covers and air controls and a complete automated electrical control package.

The system supplied, as shown in the photos, met the customer’s specification and performed to that system specification in Keenline’s plant.

The photos included in this newsletter show the system at Keenline after the Acceptance Tests.

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