Creative Solutions to Complex Problems

Keenline Conveyor systemA well known processor of specialty breaded products installed a new automated bag filling line and needed to transport assorted sizes of sealed plastic bags from the discharge of two (2) new automated bag fillers through a new metal detector and to the in-feed of the new case packer.

The bags had to be transported from two (2) separate bagging machines and combined onto one (1) main transport conveyor.  At the transfer areas, the larger bags had to be turned 90 degrees to keep the short edge leading.

This was accomplished by using properly placed UHMW turning wheels and variable conveyor speeds.

The small bags needed to be transferred with the product orientation changing from the short edge leading on the bagger discharge conveyors, to the long edge leading on the main transport conveyor.

Keenline ConveyorThis was accomplished with timing and varying the speeds between the conveyors.

Bags also needed to be transferred and combined onto the main transport conveyor, with proper spacing between products.

Bagging machine one (1) was the main line, continually transferring bags, while bagging machine two (2) was the secondary line that had to transfer and deposit bags into the gap between bags already on the transport conveyor from bagging machine one (1).

Conveyor SystemThis was accomplished by designing a special multi metering belt conveyor system to transport bags from the discharge of bagging machine two (2) to the in-feed of the main transport conveyor and timing the bags so they were properly placed into the gap between bags that were already on the transport conveyor.

The system supplied, as shown in the photos, met the customer’s specification and performed to that system specification in Keenline’s plant.

The photos included in this newsletter show the system at Keenline after the Acceptance Tests.

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