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Keenline's Conveyor System after acceptance testsA nationally known vegetable processor installed a new line to package assorted fresh vegetables.

Empty cases will exit the customer’s new case former and are drop transferred onto the new conveyor system.  The empty cases are then conveyed to a pneumatic 1-3 diverter.

Once the cases are in the single lanes they are transported and fed into the customer’s three (3) new robotic case packers and sealers.

Cases are transferred from the discharge end of the conveyor into the robotic case packer over a stainless steel manual lift gate.  The manual lift gates allow the line workers access to all three (3) lanes without having to leave the area and walk around the complete system.

Keenline's Conveyor SystemOpen filled cases are discharged and then transported to the main transport line.  When the cases reach the main transport line they will be oriented through a turning roller orienting system and onto the take away conveyor.

Pneumatic hold back clamps will activate and prevent cases from jamming at the transfer areas.

Once cases are on the take away conveyor they are conveyed single file to the in-feed of the customer’s new sealer.

Also before reaching the in-feed to the sealer the cases will pass by an open flap detection system that will reject any case with an open flap, via a pneumatic reject pusher onto a gravity roller conveyor, where the line workers will seal the cases and manually reintroduce the cases back into the main line. Sealed cases are then transported to a new spiral, elevated and then sent to a robotic palletizing cell.

The conveyors are stainless steel wash-down using “Rexnord” tabletop chain and “Intralox” plastic belting.

Conveyors are supplied with stainless steel angle iron support structures, polymer-housed bearings with covers, painted wash-down motors, painted wash-down reducers and stainless steel “Solus” guide rail with UHMW modified face covers and tooless adjustable guide rail brackets.

Also included with this system are a pneumatic operated 1-3 diverter, pneumatic hold back clamps, pneumatic reject pushers, pneumatic control panels, photo eyes, gravity roller reject conveyors and manual lift gates.

The system supplied, as shown in the photos, met the customer’s specification and performed to that system specification in Keenline’s plant. The photos included in this newsletter show the system at Keenline after the Acceptance Tests.

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